Company Name:
RCM Technologies
Reference # : 14-01068 Title : Microbiologist
Location : Warsaw, IN
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 05/19/2014 / 05/15/2015
Job Description: Job Summary
This position exists as a QA function with its primary purpose to assure sterility of product released into commerce. This is accomplished through a wide variety of duties which support the routine operation of the Microbiology Lab. Additional duties support the R&D functions of the Lab.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
- Perform all duties of a Level F Assistant Microbiology Lab Technician.
-Operate and maintain the Vitek AMS (computerized microbial identification system).
-QC identification of stock cultures which includes the following, Isolation and cultivation, Performing gram stains, spore stains, and acid-fast stains, Use and maintenance of microscopes.
- Incoming and quarterly assay of biological indicators.
-Maintain and order lab supplies and equipment
-Assist in training of new personnel -
Provide support for microbiological research projects.
- Perform related duties as assigned.
100 Total Percent (not to exceed 100%25)
This is not an exhaustive list of duties or functions and may not necessarily comprise all of the "essential functions " for purposes of the ADA.
Expected Areas of Competence (i.e. KSAs) Basic knowledge of Chemistry, Algebra, and Statistics.
Intermediate knowledge of Biology
Knowledge of and ability to use aseptic technique; understand lab contamination control, growth of microorganisms, GLPs, GMPs, and AAMI guidelines for sterilization of medical devices.
- Must be able to work under pressure of constant deadlines. Absolutely must be able to work as a member of a team. Frequent opportunity for overtime. Time required to learn and perform this job in a satisfactory manner is 90 to 120 calendar days.
-Must have advanced knowledge of Zimmer Microbiology Lab procedures
-Must have knowledge of HEPA filtration and clean room principles.
-Must have dexterity and excellent eye to hand coordination. Must be able to organize and use time efficiently (be able to do several tasks at one time).
-Must have thorough knowledge of autoclave and autoclave safety.
Education/ Experience Requirements
- Bachelor''s Degree in Microbiology or Biology is preferred. An advanced degree (Masters) is preferred.

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